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What taste good is good for you!

Last week I shared my thoughts on "only eat what you enjoy and enjoy all you eat". I also wrote that it was based on my sister's principle that "what taste good is good for you!" I know these statements are controversial, but it's basically about learning to listen to your body and taking time to really taste the food. Which is basically what I wrote about last week. However, there are three sub-rules to the principle that "what taste good is good for you", that makes it logical. This is what I intend to go through today.

You should only eat what taste good!

Which is the same principle as mine to "only eat what you enjoy". The important thing here is that it should be good all the way. It should taste good to your palate, it should feel good in your body and it should also feel good three hours later. Which means that binge eating does not work with this principle. It is important to really taste the food, to be able to think about whether you like. If you do not like it: why? Is it all parts you do not like or just some? Is there anything you can appreciate in the meal?

Eat slowly!

To be able to consider what you think is good and only eat as long as it feels good, it is important not to stress the eating. Take time to taste and analyze how it really feels and what you think of it. Contemplate when you have had enough and never force yourself to eat anything. I would say that many people eat good food, but sometimes maybe a little too much of it. If you have an ability to eat so that you feel oversaturated and heavy half an hour after the meal, try to contemplate and eat slightly smaller portions. Make a habit of taking less and taking over, rather than taking more than you can eat or get stuffed.

Eat varied foods!

Most food is good for us, at the same time all food is toxic in too big concentration. Now it is often difficult to ingest such large concentrations so it is directly toxic, but the biggest risk with food is one-sidedness. And when you think about it, it is not possible to get really good food without variety. If you look at my post on planning the perfect menu, you will realize that it takes different components that create the dynamic for it to be good. But the most common argument against the concept of only eating what taste good I usually hear is: "but then I would only eat chips (or something similar)". But is that really true? Because even though I love chocolate and eat it daily, I think it would be disgusting if that was the only thing I was allowed to eat. Especially if it were of the same variety and taste, every day at every meal for the rest of my life. Even now I vary which chocolate I eat and when people ask which is my favorite, they get different answers every time, as it depends on the day. The more different colors, flavors and textures you vary between, the more likely you are to eat healthy. If you eat a naturally varied diet with lots of fruit and vegetables, the risk is small that you need to eat supplements under normal circumstances. (Six months without strong sun is an abnormal condition that justifies vitamin D supplementation during the winter months in the Nordic countries).

With these three rules, I think it becomes quite clear that what taste good is good for you! I think this is something many people today need to hear. Since there is often talk of healthy food as something boring and that what taste good is bad for you or sinful. Therefore, I have made it my mission to spread this message and I hope that you who read this want to support me in this. You can support by subscribe here and my social media and share the content.

Next week I'm talking about what flavors really is....

Hope to see you then!


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