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An update of life!

Think it's been over six months since I last wrote something here! It's not because I didn't have anything to write about, but rather that I worked a little too much and maybe mainly more for others to get things together. Then I also went and got married...

OK... it was perhaps a bit unexpected. Especially considering we weren't even a couple when I wrote the last post. But we've known each other longer and been friends, if that friendship would be re-evaluated into a relationship, then it would have to be serious. I proposed on the 21st of March and we got married on the 1st of July. Now I have experience of also conducting a wedding myself from the customer's perspective. I'm so happy we went in to have it our own way, with a minimal budget. We had a church wedding with coffee and cake as the only wedding party after in the parish home. I realize that for the vast majority of people this might seem a bit too simple, but for us it was perfect. And that's the important thing for your wedding day... Make it just the way you want it!!!

One area where we saved was that I decided to make my own bridal bouquet with flowers from the garden. Now I had to borrow some extra flowers from other people's gardens, to get it as I wanted, but I was very happy with the result. This also taught me to be able to make my own flower arrangements in different ways, which can be good for future dinners.

Another saving area we had was that we used clothes we had from before. A funny anecdote is that my wedding dress was actually originally my confirmation dress. Which I also used at the school graduation in ninth grade where the idea of being able to wear it as a wedding dress started. It was that after the graduation, we went out to town with some friends and had coffee. Then it happened that there was a woman with a child who saw me and said to her child: "Look, there is someone who is going to get married". As a 16-year-old I thought it was very funny, but the thought has remained, that maybe I can wear that dress even when I get married... and so it was. Together with jewelry I made over the years, including the bridal tiara I made in high school, it became a complete whole. A friend made the wedding rings from gold that my husband had inherited.

Another big saving was that our neighbors chose to make the wedding cakes as their wedding gift, for which I am eternally grateful. I have never tasted such good gluten and lactose free cake and it was in the same simplicity as the rest of the party. An extra element we introduced to keep the atmosphere relaxed was that we did not have fixed seats, but ordered that you could not sit in the same place twice. This made it more like a seated mingling party or a big coffee party, which suited us perfectly.

I am eternally grateful to everyone who came and brighten our day and everyone who wanted to help and contribute in some way! Grateful for all the gifts and all the love we have experienced!

As a result, I have now moved out to a farm in the countryside, which will change the content of my business a little. I am now based in Upphärad in Trollhättan municipality and try to do as much as I can from home. Part of that is renting out our cottage and eventually being able to organize smaller parties in our warehouse and offer Swedish food culture from a living countryside.

Hope you'll join me on this journey and follow me here, on instagram, facebook and YouTube... and why not book a stay in the cottage.

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