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To explain flavors

To explain something, we need words for it. As long as we try to explain flavors with the five basic tastes as a frame of reference, we are very limited. The taste experience is usually greater than what we have words to describe. The more you practice finding words, learn about flavors and try to put words into it; the easier you will be able to understand the tastes and learn to explain how it tastes.

To get to that, you need to have an understanding that the taste experience is about how we perceive food with all our senses and not just with the sense of taste. It's about the fact that there are several things we mean when we talk about taste, which I wrote about last time. At the same time, it is quite bland to refer to food as good or disgusting, as it is completely subjective. So what we mainly need to find words for is to explain the taste experience itself.

Many times we refer to how something else tastes and can say that it tastes like an apple or something else that we feel we know. The big problems come when we come to the small nuances of taste. We feel the difference between different kinds of apple, but how do we explain it to someone else? It does not really work to say that it tastes more or less like apple. But one may be sweeter and the other a little more sour, some of them may be more crunchy and some may be a little more tasteless. To find the nuances, we need to know what we are talking about. Dare to use the words and test.

All these parts I go through in my course "Explore Tastes and Enjoy everything you eat". There you get your own examples from my life, challenges to work with and two guided tastings, and much more.

The important thing is to only eat what you enjoy, and enjoy all you eat!


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