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Updated: Sep 2, 2021

The taste experience is a sensory experience beyond the ordinary. It is a combination of mainly taste, smell and touch. As I mentioned in my movies and I immerse myself more in my course that all the senses involved. We are differently sensitive to different sensory expressions, which is something I emphasize in the course. The sense that affects me the most is the touch. Therefore, today I will write about how to work with the touch and texture of the meal.

To get a dynamic and complete feeling in a meal, I work with different textures. I usually make sure that each dish consists of three to five different textures. You can have more, but then it often starts to feel messy. I always want something crunchy that gives a feeling of lightness and increases appetite. How much crisp I want depends on the dish and the meal in general, often it can only be something small, but it makes a big difference. Then I want a food that gives weight, something with a chewing resistance like a piece of meat, vegetable patty or something else rich in fiber in the sense of muscle fibers or plant fibers. The third feeling I usually work with is the smoothness, which I usually add in a creamy sauce of some kind.

An example of this could be fried hake with mashed potatoes, peas and a creamy sauce. You get a light crisp in the breading of the fish and a slightly softer crisp in the peas. Make sure they have crispiness left and are not overcooked. The fish in general has a soft chewing texture that falls apart easily, against the mashed potatoes' more creamy chewing texture. To make it feel complete, we have the smooth oiliness from the creamy sauce, where I in the picture have a Lebanese sauce called Toum. Which makes this a great meal. To lighten up, I add a little crispy parsley, some cucumber slices and a lemon wedge. Which also gives good contrasts in the colors and it feels like a complete and inviting meal. This is a favorite dish for me and I love the contrasts in the textures.

I hope this has given you some inspiration for the fall!I have realized that I will have more to do with other things during the autumn.I also know that I would rather do fewer but better and more elaborate posts both here and on YouTube.Which means that in the future I will normally only post every other week here!

Do you have suggestions for meals with a good texture? Write your suggestions as a comment!

Remember to Only eat what you enjoy and enjoy all you eat. 😊


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