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Explore flavors
and enjoy everything you eat!

This is an online course for you who want to learn to explore tastes with more than just your senses. The course is recommended to be done over six occasions. You should set aside one hour for each occasion. Can be done alone or in a group, perfect for date-night.

Coming soon for SEK 695 read on if you want to know more ...

Taste of what the course looks like


This is for you if you:

  • Love the food

  • Enjoys exploring new foods.

  • Likes to nerd you down on things.

  • Want to enjoy life

  • Is open to see new paths.

And you want to:

  • Try new flavors.

  • Enjoy life and everything you eat.

  • Understand the taste experience.

  • Learn about food and flavors.

  • Live healthy on all levels.


What you get!

  • About 2.5 hours of video material.

  • A workbook with templates and guides.

  • Two guided tastings. 

  • Material to be able to hold your own tastings.

  • Four challenges to develop your own understanding of taste.

  • Lots of extra material and links for your own in-depth study.

  • Unlimited access to the course with updates.

  • Knowledge to be able to enjoy everything you eat!


Course content

5 modules, 15 steps

1.     What is good taste?

  • Who am I to comment on taste?

  • How we talk about taste

  • What is your taste?

2.   Our senses

  • Taste

  • Smell and Feel

  • Sight and Hearing

3.   Other things that affect

  • Atmosphere and Expectation

  • Opportunity and Memories

4.   Taste chocolate

  • Introduction to tasting

  • Tasting: Chocolate

5.   Taste Cheese

  • Tasting: cheese

  • Summary with challenge!

How does it happen?

The course is completely internet-based and you decide for yourself when and how you want to take it.

My recommendation is to do one module at a time and set aside at least 45 minutes for each module.

It is up to 40 minutes of film material per module, but set aside time to do the challenges as well.


It is possible to do the whole course in one day,

but to get the most out of the course, you should let it go at least one day between each module.

Each module contains a challenge or something to think about for the next opportunity.

To get the most out of the course , I recommend that you set aside a time each week for 5 weeks .

Although the course is internet based, it is well suited to do together,

for example for date-night or hanging out with friends.

It's also the easiest way to get a reduced price,

if you look together you can share the cost.

You will receive a digital course booklet that you can print out

It also includes links and in-depth material for those who want to learn more.


Not everyone's taste!


This course will not appeal to you as:

  • Believes that food is only nutrition.

  • Am looking for a diet to follow.

  • Do not want to try new flavors.

Cheese at Market_edited.jpg

How does the tasting work?

There will be a tasting of chocolate and cheese.

In the booklet and before the tastings, you will find more details.

You will need to buy 3-5 cheeses / chocolates based on different premises.

I taste 6 cheeses and 5 chocolates,

but you completely choose how many and which varieties you want to use.

You do not have to use the same varieties as me!

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